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Hi!     Let us present to you our Rental Service. 

We created this rent system to help our customers save money,

and give them the opportunity to have the decorations they've always dreamt of without breaking the bank.

We have developed a new rental department and we offer you the possibility to show us any arch, vase

and even centerpiece design and we will custom make it for you!

We deliver, set up, and pick up around Metro Atlanta




Select the product you fell for


Didn't love one? 

Or none feel like the right one?

Show us some pictures and

we can build it for you

Payment and deposit

Payment and Deposit have to be  taken care of before delivery date

Deliver and pick up

We can deliver all your  rentals  to the venue, set up everything and come back later to pick it up

Deposit returned

After receiving our product, we conduct a quality check on all items , then we proceed to make the return of your deposit


Payment & safety deposit for all  rental items have to be paid before items are picked up or delivered 



All Arches have a  required minimum refundable deposit of $285

Credit Card:  A hold will be placed on the card for the total amount of the safety deposit.

This deposit will be released back into your account once all items are returned.


Check: You must leave a check made out to "Tropical Roses" with the date of the event for the total amount of the safety deposit.

This check will not be cashed or deposited unless items are missing or damaged once they are returned.

If everything is in the same conditions when returned the check will be given back.  

Cash: You must leave the exact amount of cash for the safety deposit.

If everything is in the same conditions when returned the cash will be given back.  


All items must be returned on the date that was agreed on between you & Tropical Roses.

All items must be returned in the exact conditions that left our facilities. This means but it's not limited to cracks, scratches, loss, and any other damage. 

If items are not returned on the date or returned damaged, Tropical Roses reserves the right to keep the safety deposit in compensation for any damages or loss of items. 

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